Thursday, July 7, 2011

Untitled, experimenting...

Oil on canvas
1800mm x 1200mm
(on separate boards so able to take apart for transport)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Some Expressionist work

Got home from work on saturday and just decided to attack the camvas with some oil paints...

all are 1200mm X 1200mm and in oils

Sorry the photos aren't better.

Connections/ Sculptural & Photographic Project 1

This is an experimental project combining my sculptural instalation with photography.
I am creating the sculptures and LISA SHEPHERD * * is doing the photography (check out her Tumblr, girl has mad skills with the camera.)

The aim of this project is similar to my 'lines' series: To make tangible the connections that we have to each other and our environment. In this project I am representing these connections using the sculptures and the black tape.

The heavy sculptures and black tape in an industrial setting are commenting on the way in which our relationships can be tortuous, or even torturous. We can be hindered by our connections, forced to act in unnatural ways to our own instincts.
The photos which we have taken outside, without the black tape, are a way of viewing the same themes but in a more positive light.

These photos I'm posting are only preliminary drafts, so watch out because there will be much more to come as we explore this idea.

Ps. We are hoping, (if all goes to plan) to have this exhibited at Paper String Plastic gallery on Hindley street. (probably next year sometime)