Monday, July 9, 2012

Re: Conversations


I gave this title to the series to describe the relationship that I have with my work, and the process through which I have come to create the series.
So I began the series with no concept of their completion, I begin by splashing paint, and then creating lines and circles, there is no concept of where they should go, it's simply a process of marking the canvas, and then responding to that with another mark, or a symbol.
As I worked i realized I couldn't make it completely random, I developed an aesthetic which becomes hard to break from.
I think the process says a lot, in that even though I begin each piece not knowing what I'm going to do next, it becomes impossible not to create a system of rules, such asI can only use one or two lines to make the shape, or that each painting has a particular character representing each piece, I think once you discover a particular aesthetic it becomes a bit like a song stuck in your head, or a strange thought or desire you can't stop thinking about, begging you to act upon.
In the end the work becomes an oxymoron, it's useless didacticism, it's like a text book about spoons, and I guess that's just what art is, I mean it can be informative, but in the end isn't it really just a luxury item?
Through my way of conversing with the canvas, people get a look at my artistic process, my ideas and maybe a little slice of my subconscious. In turn this helps create your own conversation with the piece as it asks you to discover the meaning behind it's design, it's color and it's symbolism. Maybe this will help you to realize there is more to a two dimensional surface than the perspective which is thrust upon there by the painter, and that maybe there can be a lot to say about a few triangles around a man with a flaccid dick and a bird growing out of his arm?
Enjoy the conversation...