Sunday, May 15, 2011

Foundations- painting

So i just got some cheapy acrylics from unibooks and was doing some bored sketchy doodles...
i think they are pretty shit but i'll post them anyway.

Visual Inquiry- experimentation with text 3D

So the next half of the text project was to create a sculptural piece with some reference to the original text.
Because my original text was barring orders I decided that I wanted to create a rough sort of unintelligible symbol mimicking the way that we interact with one another whilst drunk.
I created the symbol by stripping back the word BARRED down to BRD it's most simple form and then mixed around the shapes made by the negative space around the letters to form a symbol that looks like a tacky modern neon sign used to represent a hooker.

We had to photograph the sculpture in situation, so I thought I would dress bogan and play with that idea.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

'Dick Dolls'

Here are a couple of the 'Dick Doll' soft sculptures (if you will) which I am creating for an up comming group exhibition for the Adelaide Feast Festival.
My dolls are a humorous comment on the way that gay men are often portrayed as the 'girls best friend' in mainstream media, and are de-sexualized and emasculated to a degree.
Being portrayed in this way I always feel like we are made out to be 'just one of the girls'.
Thus I have created these dolls, designed to be be a girls favorite plush toy, keeping them company, sipping coffee or martinis (from their cute material cups).
However they have been created with unusually large penises as a way of saying,

Visual Inquiry- Experimentation with text. 2D

This is the first part of a project; taking a piece of text and creating 5 different 2 dimentional representations of the text. I chose barring orders i found in the cupboard at work.

FOUNDATIONS and stuff.

So I have began studying a bachelor of visual arts (specialization) at Uni SA City west.
So this takes up alot of the time that I have to put into my own work... so here is some of the work I have been producing in Uni.
Copper 'monster' brooch.

found object bracelet, (made from empty pill packets)

Torn lace curtain 'coocoon'. The piece was about defining space.

 Sandblasted 'dick jar'
(ha ha. i'll never be above a good dick and balls.)

Sketches from drawing class with James Dodd, im not great at still life so I sort of made up my own thing.. ha ha, it's all good though.

Claes Oldenburg influenced wineglass soft sculpture... to give an idea of scale I can stand inside the bowl part of the wineglass... The lining has been stained with cheap cab-merlot... it still smells AMAZING.