Tuesday, December 11, 2012

'Feathers' piece

So Feathers is an amazing group exhibition being organised by local (Adelaide) emerging curator, Katherine Coppock!

The exhibition held in Felt Space ( Peel st. Adelaide City )

Will transform the gallery into a giant nest, upon which a plethora (23 I think) of artists are presenting their work!

Here is my progress!
It's 100x1600

Not sure of the name yet!
Although I would like for the viewer to create their own story, the artwork is about that dichotomy within myself... Part of me wants to be the bull and charge ahead, creating/ destroying and making change... Then there is the stupid bird on my back, the other half of me...

My nickname amongst family is Spoggy, a baby sparrow... (because I used to flit about the house like a Spoggy)
But sometimes I feel like that part of me is fucked and drags me down, it's trying to fly, but instead it perches on my back, creating havoc...

Really.., those parts of me work together, I do charge ahead, but the Spoggy inspires me and reminds me part of me can fly!


Here are some pictures of my progress!
Comments are welcome!

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